DiDi's Bio


Rev. DiDi Hansen - Houghton is elated to be offering her services in Wimberley and the surrounding South Texas area and online.  Indeed, her entire life's journey has led her here. She began her early health and wellness practices as a midwife in Northern Texas, eventually moving her practice to the Bastrop area in the early 1980's where she and her family began homesteading, homeschooling and living a holistic lifestyle. 


A move to the Northwest brought a new awareness and life paradigm, eventually leading her into the counseling field. Over 25 years ago she began her private practice in Eugene. OR. while also working in an out-patient drug and alcohol treatment center. Rev. DiDi has experience in both in-patient and out-patient recovery treatment on the mainland and in Hawaii. During these years her counseling practice was primarily working with group therapy, family systems, dual-diagnosis (mental illness with addiction) couples counseling, effective communication and non-violent communication. 


Over the years she began applying various forms of NLP and body-centered therapy that seemed to be more expedient in moving negative energy without reliving or recounting the traumatic life experiences. These techniques seemed highly effective for veterans and others dealing with severe traumatic situations such as physical or sexual abuse, PTSD and more severe forms of mental health issues.


She eventually began working as director of a homeless day shelter designing programs such as pre-treatment programs for the homeless including free and anonymous HIV testing, grief counseling and an artisan store for the homeless to sell their arts and crafts.  She returned to Texas to take a Director position for a church in Amarillo, writing a 1.6 million dollar grant while creating a life-skills program for women. She then took a short stint working with youth thru the State of Texas and also offered her services at a local college teaching state mandated MIP and ACTP classes for youth.  Eventually, she took a position as administrator of an assisted living center in Northern Texas. 


After many years of program development, management and administration (and way too many days of  what she playfully refers to as “her hair being on fire”) and in an effort to bring more peace and balance into her own life, she bought a gym and began her journey in bodywork. She has practiced massage therapy in both the clinical and spa settings for over 10 years.  (She not only gives luxurious spa treatments but she also holds numerous extra certifications in Medical Massage and is both an LMT and massage instructor and a CMMT, specializing in Medical Massage primarily in hip, low back, neck, shoulder, feet and maternity care.) It was during this period that she began to put her love of nature and the outdoors together with her love of teaching and counseling to create a very unique business called Zenadventures and later Zenadventures Dance Church. 


Rev. DiDi is an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying traveling, hiking/backpacking, kayaking, scuba, snorkeling and dancing – occasionally with one or more of her eight children and 11 grandchildren. She often takes her therapeutic modalities to the wilderness – offering therapy and retreats in the beautiful outdoors through her business, Zenadventures. 


While living in Maui, journeying through her own dance with Cancer, she began integrating Hawaiian healing practices such as Ho'oponopono and breathwork – eventually creating what she calls Sacred Breath. It was while living in Maui that she began to return to her counseling practice – integrating mind, body, energy and spirit work with clearer understanding, experience and intention. She currently uses these and other practices to create an individualized and unique pathway for each of her clients – using many new modalities that bypass intellectual resistance. Many of her clients were doctor referred with the intention of integrating the mental and spiritual aspects of healing along with allopathic or integrative medical procedures. 


Rev. DiDi eventually returned to the mainland where she integrated her private practice into Zenadventures while she held the position as Spiritual Director of a Unity church – creating many healing programs and workshops until she and her son, Cade, recently relocated to Wimberley. 


She recently recognized one of her lifelong dreams to become an ordained minister. 


When DiDi is not conducting a therapeutic session or workshop or is not on a trail or lake somewhere, she is in Colorado with her oldest son and his family creating the beginning of a sustainable living center tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 


DiDi acknowledges that her dance with Spirit is what has kept her motivated to move through this journey we call life, and it is through that relationship with Spirit that flows in and through every Sacred Breath she takes – making sense of her journey – that she comes here now to offer her services.


“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” TS Elliot